Luxury Hotel Suites – What Defines a Luxury Hotel Room?

Luxury hotel suites defines the ultimate way to indulge yourself while on vacation.  Luxury hotel rooms are ultra-spacious, a haven with comforts, more resonant of a private dwelling. Five start hotels offer unparalleled amenity and unbelievable attention to detail. From around the clock concierge service to best room service you will ever enjoy.

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Social Media and Beauty Standards 

  Staring at a photo of a model on Instagram, various thoughts race through your head. You admire her glowing…

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The Top 20 Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following Today

Travel bloggers open our eyes to the world beyond our community, awaiting us with a new adventure, smells, sounds, and experiences. Thanks to social media and blogging platforms today, we’re able to taste an authentic piece of the travel pie through the top travel bloggers in the game.

If you’re someone that’s looking for some travel inspiration in the form of content, pictures, and videos, you should definitely be following these top 20 travel bloggers dominating headlines right now.

Zandra Rose


Luxury Journey Trend

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10 Beauty Bloggers To Follow

Beauty bloggers are real experts in the makeup and fashion world. When it comes to skin care, YouTube beauty bloggers, makeup tutorials, and natural beauty these gorgeous girls lead the field in cosmetics, tricks, and tips on how to achieve the perfect makeup for every occasion. From Smokey eye makeup tutorials to the natural makeup look these YouTube bloggers are the authority in the luxury makeup world right now.
So if you want to accomplish the perfect makeup look for your next outing with luxury makeup or department store products, follow these makeup addicts and awesome girls.

These are the essential makeup items for the perfect look
blush brush, blush, concealer, crease brush, defining eye shadow, eye liner brush, eye liner, eye shadow brush, fluffy powder brush, foundation, lipstick, mascara, neutral eye shadow, shine, translucent powder, and tweezers.

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